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Medicaid Updates

Welcome to the National Rural Health Association's Medicaid page where NRHA will track the latest news, reports and legislation regarding Medicaid.

NRHA policy on Medicaid reform:

NRHA supports state flexibility in principle; however, turning Medicaid into a block grant program is likely to have a disproportionate impact on  rural beneficiaries and rural providers. NRHA supports the continuation of Medicaid as a program where all individuals who meet eligibility requirements are covered. NRHA also supports a basic level of benefit protection for mandatory and optional beneficiaries, inclusion of elderly and disabled in the definition of "mandatory population," and inclusion of long-term care in the definition of "mandatory benefits." Any current or future federal Medicaid reform proposals should include provisions for a rural impact study of state practices with block granted programs in the past. 

See the FULL NRHA POLICY PAPER on Medicaid Reform in Rural America for more information.

 Medicaid resources (more coming soon):

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