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Volunteer Options

At the National Rural Health Association (NRHA), our members are our most valuable resource. Through personal networking, advocacy, leadership and research, our members are truly making a difference in the health and health care options of rural Americans. However, it takes more than just mailing a check annually to improve the health conditions of the 62 million Americans living in rural areas. It takes dedication to the fight for change, a deep passion about the inequity in health care options, and the inadequate and unjust funding. It takes YOU getting involved.

Each of us have different skill sets and talents to share, and NRHA offers a wide range of opportunities that allow our members to truly be a part of changing the future of health care in rural America. One of the highest levels of commitment and dedication to the fight for equitable health care through NRHA is to run for office. There are a variety of elected and appointed positions and each of these positions require a different level of involvement and varying degrees of time commitment.

Elected Positions

Travel and expenses are the responsibility of the elected members.

  • Board Member
  • CG or State Council Chair
  • Journal Editorial Board

To nominate yourself or a colleague for an elected position with NRHA, please contact Rob McVay at

Standing Committees

NRHA's president, in consultation with staff, selects standing committees. They are selected from a large pool of interested NRHA members based on their personal and professional background as well as their geographic location.

Travel and expenses are the responsibility of the committee members.

  • Government Affairs Committee–The GAC directly oversees and supports the legislative and regulatory activities of the Association. Each Constituency Group (CG) Chair is allowed to appoint one committee member. NRHA's president may add other members.
  • Membership Committee–This committee oversees the recruitment and retention strategies for the association, including periodic review of the membership dues and benefits structure.
  • Multiracial and Multicultural Health Committee–Works to ensure proper cultural competency and sensitivity to rural racial and ethnic minority populations in NRHA activities. This committee also develops a strategy to increase racial and ethnic membership in the association and develops content and planning for the Annual Multiracial and Multicultural Conference.
  • Annual Conference Planning Committee–This committee develops and plans NRHA's Annual Conference, including overall purpose and theme, program sessions, key presenters, and overall conference schedule. Assists with identifying and contacting concurrent session topics and presenters.
  • Planning Committees for Other Conferences–Each year, NRHA hosts several other conferences of interest to our members including the Rural Health Policy Institute, Critical Access Hospital Conference, and the Quality Conference. Interested members can sign up to help plan activities at these events

Other Opportunities to Contribute and Get Involved

(Will require a time committment in the form of making phone calls, e-mail, networking, writing, leading meetings/conference calls, etc. )

  • Membership/Recruitment and Retention
  • Grassroots Organizer
  • Annual Awards Committee
  • Corporate Development
  • Author or Contributor to the Journal, Rural Roads, RCQ, or Policy Briefs/Issue Papers
  • Join an Issue Group
  • Participate on a Special Task Force

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Sharon Hutinett at or 816-756-3140 x.17.

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