National Rural Health Association

NRHA's 2017 Rural Health Policy Institute

Government Affairs and Advocacy Overview

Overview of NRHA's government affairs office

NRHA's government affairs office in Washington, DC, advocates the Association’s legislative and regulatory policies and positions before the Congress, federal agencies and the White House. The Association serves as one of the primary rural resources to elected officials, policy leaders, and other organizations on issues related to federally sponsored rural health initiatives and programs.

Through activities such as the Annual Rural Health Policy Institute and ongoing grassroots campaigns and activities, NRHA volunteer members actively participate in advocacy efforts to bring about appropriate rural health policy and legislation.

NRHA’s legislative and regulatory agenda is developed through solicited input from the full membership. New policies are first adopted through the Rural Health Congress, and then the legislative and regulatory agenda is approved each year by the Government Affairs Committee. The agenda ultimately reflects the mission and values of the organization.

For more information about any advocacy or policy issue, please contact our government affairs staff at 202-639-0550 or   

Links to information on current legislation

Tools for Advocacy

NRHA has created this list of advocacy tools, available on our website, to help you become a better advocate for Rural Health. These links are in addition to all the news you will find by going to the Government Affairs News, Regulatory Affairs and Appropriations Updates:


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