National Rural Health Association

NRHA's 2017 Rural Health Policy Institute

Grassroots Action Center

Monumental health reform legislation is currently the main focus in Congress, and to ensure 62 million Americans living in rural and underserved populations are not left behind, coordinated grassroots efforts from NRHA members and rural advocates are crucial. Congress must be reminded that, while coverage is important, access to coverage is the bigger hurdle rural Americans face. It is great to be covered, but without a provider, coverage means nothing. Grassroots efforts recognizing the importance of rural America's health care access needs include: 

  • Attending local meetings with and writing and calling your elected officials to remind them that the rural health care safety net needs to be protected. Please use our Grassroots Action Center to make contact with your senators and members of Congress.
  • Submitting letters to the editor of your local or regional newspapers emphasizing the needs for your area.
  • Organizing local and state coalitions with common rural health goals. This includes coordinating with your state offices of rural health and any other entity located in your area. 


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