National Rural Health Association

NRHA's 2017 Rural Health Policy Institute

Legislative and Regulatory Agenda

NRHA's Legislative and Regulatory Agenda is developed annually through solicited input from the full membership. It is a collection of issues that NRHA membership would like to see changed or impacted by NRHA staff and rural health advocates. The agenda contains policy recommendations on topics ranging from Access Standards to the Universal Service Fund. It can be a great resource for rural health advocates and policymakers to understand the multitude of issues and opportunities facing the rural health landscape.

The Legislative and Regulatory Agenda is approved each year by the Government Affairs Committee. The Committee attempts to weigh member input, potential opportunities in the new year and the shifting policy enviornment surrounding rural health. The policies that they select for inclusion are first adopted by the Rural Health Congress, which produces a series of papers and statements that are the background and support for this document. In the end, the agenda reflects the mission and values of NRHA by highlighting issues of importance to our membership.

2016 Legislative and Regulatory Agenda

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