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Archived Policy Positions

After seven years of the approval of an issue paper or policy brief, that paper automatically undergoes a two-part review process. If the Rural Health Congress does not make a decision on the paper or brief within eight years of approval or if the congress votes to archive a paper, it is no longer considered an official position of NRHA. All policies will be kept on file but separate from current, active policies.

If you have any questions about any of these papers or if you are an NRHA member and would like to revisit/update any of these papers, please contact the NRHA Government Affairs office at 202-639-0550 or

Archived Policy Positions

The positions listed below are in the chronological order that they were originally adopted by the Rural Health Congress (formerly the Rural Health Policy Board).


Access To Automatic External Defibrillation
— February 2003


Access to Health Care for the Uninsured in Rural and Frontier America
May 1999


Antitrust and Rural Health
— May 1996


Community Health Advisor Programs

November 2000


Emergency Medical Services, Paper #13 to the "The Rural Health Careers Pipeline" series

 -- November 2005


Facilitating the Use of National Surveys in Rural Health Research
— May 1998


Federal Medicaid Reform: A Rural Perspective
— May 2003 (Updated May 2007)


Federal Medicaid Reform: A Rural Perspective
— April 2004 (Updated May 2007)


Funding of Graduate Medical Education Updated
— February 1998


HIV/AIDS in Rural America: Disproportionate Impact on Minority and Multicultural Populations

— July 2004 (This is an update of the HIV/AIDS in Rural America policy paper from November 1997)


Health Insurance Access in Rural America

-- March 2004


Impact of Entitlement Programs on Rural Health
— May 1995


Long-Term Care in Rural America

May 2001


Meeting Oral Health Care Needs in Rural America

-- April 2005 


Mental Health in Rural America
May 1999


National Agenda for Rural Minority Health
— May 1999


National Agenda for Rural Minority Health: Recruitment and Training of Health Professionals 

April 2001


National Agenda for Rural Minority Health: The Need For Responsive Rural Health Delivery Systems

July 2001


National Agenda for Rural Minority Health: The Need for Standardized Data and Information Systems

— April 2001


National Health Policy Reform: The Rural Perspective
— September 1992


Niche (Limited-Service) Hospital Providers

-- May 2005


Nursing, Paper #2, to the "The Rural Health Careers Pipeline" series

-- December 2005 


Pharmacist's Right to Refuse Service, Policy Statement, August 2005

While the NRHA respects a pharmacist's right to refuse to fill some prescriptions, these refusals cannot obstruct both a prescribing clinician's authority and the ability of rural patients to access prescribed medications. NRHA supports the American Medical Association resolution of June 20, 2005 and encourages state laws that would allow prescribing clinicians to dispense medication directly to patients when no willing pharmacist is located within 30 miles. AMA Resolution

Quality of Rural Health Care

-- December 2003 


Reforming the Universal Service Fund

— May 2003


Role of Telemedicine in Rural Health Care
— February 1998


Rural America's Health Care Safety Net Providers

— March 2002


Rural and Frontier Emergency Medical Services Toward the Year 2000
— May 1997


Rural Graduate Medical Education

— June 2003


Rural Health Clinics in Rural America
— February 1997 (updated November 2006)


Rural Health Professions

— January 2004


Rural Physician Recruitment and Retention
November 1998 


Rural Veterans: A Special Concern for Rural Health Advocates
— May 2004 (Updated February 2007)


Strengthening the Role of International Medical Graduates in Providing Access to Health Care for Rural America

— March 2003


Vision for Health Reform Models for America's Rural Communities
— February 1998

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