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2016 Policy Institute

Policy Position Development

The National Rural Health Association is a member-driven association, meaning our members set the policies and positions we advocate for at a national level. All members of the association are able to participate, and we offer this page to help our members get involved in the process. Below is a chart of policies under developement with opportunities to collaborate, add additional policies or edit as you see fit.

Each of these policies will eventually be reviewed by the NRHA Rural Health Congress at one of its three annual meetings. If the congress adopts a policy, it will be published on our Official Policy Positions page and become an official policy of the NRHA. For more information about this process or to better understand how to develop a policy, download our guide to developing policy within the NRHA.

Policies under development

In the chart below are the papers, statements and/or briefs currently being worked on by the NRHA membership. To participate in the ongoing collobaration of these policies, click any of the "working titles" below and enter "nrha" as the password.

To make changes to any policy under development, click the "edit this page" link at the top of the page. When you have made the desired changes, click "save as the newest version" at the bottom of the page. To make this process as transparent as possible, we ask that you put your name and your organization in the "name" field of the Writeboard system as you make any changes or comments. For example, "Joe Smith, Hope Memorial Hospital."

Please note: prior to publishing final policy online, NRHA staff will format the documents for consistency. When working on the Writeboard, content is most important; format only as needed for understanding.


Working Title Lead AuthorStatusTarget Meeting
Food and NutritionDenny Berens, Norma BowyerUnder development2010-Sept
EMTALA and TelehealthMandy Bell, BA; Deanna Larson, RN, BSN; Jay Weems, MBAUnder development2011-Jan
Public Health Nursing: Strengthening the Core of Rural Public HealthMichael Meit, Alana Knudsen
Under development2010-Sept


Questions? Need to develop an additional policy?

If you have any trouble collaborating on these policies through the Writeboard system or if you would like to work on an additional policy item and need a new Writeboard created, contact Danny Fernandez at 202-639-0550 or

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