NRHA Government Affairs Committee

NRHA's Government Affairs Committee (GAC) works with the government affairs staff to develop the association's legislative and regulatory agenda. The committee develops and implements strategies to ensure that the association's public policies and government affairs activities are fully addressed and communicated. The GAC includes members from each of NRHA's constituency groups, as well as at-large members.

Please contact Mason Zeagler in NRHA's government affairs office at 202-639-0550, ext. 2073 with questions.

 Government Affairs Committee Roster

Government Affairs Committee Chair:
Susie Starling
Irvine, Ky.
Rural Health Congress Chair:
Tim Putnam
Batesville, Ind.
Rural Health Congress Vice Chair:
Gail Nickerson
Roseville, Calif.
Clinical Services CG:
Raymond Christensen
Duluth, Minn.
Federally Qualified Health Centers CG:
Tim Shryack
Ava, Mo.
Frontier CG:
Susan Wilger
Silver City, N.M.
Health Equity Council:
Hospitals CG:
Jodi Schmidt
Olathe, Kan.
Public Health Status CG:
Mary Katherine Smith
Kirksville, Mo.
Research and Education CG:
David Schmitz
Grand Forks, N.D.
Rural Health Clinics CG:
Tommy Barnhart
Silverthorne, Colo.
State Association Council:
Stacy Fontenot
Napoleonville, La.
State Office Council:
John Barnas
East Lansing, Mich.
Statewide Health Resources CG:
Gary Wingrove
Buffalo, Minn.

Student CG:
Jesse Rockmore

Cummings, Ga.


At-Large Members:

Brian Bauer
Troy, Mich.
David Lee
Washington, D.C.
Pat Schou
Princeton, Ill.
Daryl Weaver
Carthage, Miss.
Tim Wolters
Bolivar, Mo.

Don Kelso
Terre Haute, Ind.
Roger Masse
Ellsworth, Kan.
Tim Size
Sauk City, Wisc.
Kevin Wellen
St. Louis, Mo.

Steve Parde
Kansas City, Mo.