Medicare cuts hurt rural America

Continued cuts to rural providers are creating a hospital closure crisis in rural America, jeopardizing millions of rural patients’ access to medical care and devastating the already fragile rural economy.  Currently one in three rural hospitals is in financial risk.  At the current rate of closure, 25% of all rural hospitals will close within less than a decade. 
Rural hospitals provide essential, lifesaving local access to health care close to home for the 62 million Americans living in rural and remote communities. Rural hospitals serve vulnerable rural Americans that are older, sicker and poorer then their urban counterparts. These rural Americans are more likely to suffer with a chronic disease that requires monitoring and follow up care, making convenient, local access to care necessary to ensuring patient compliance with the services that are necessary to reduce the overall cost of care and improve the patients’ outcomes and quality of life.
Once a hospital closes, many of the health professionals employed by the hospital - - including physicians, nurses, pharmacists - -  move from the community.  Medical deserts are appearing across rural America, leaving many of our nation’s most vulnerable populations without timely access to care.

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