NRHA Rural Health Congress

The Rural Health Congress is the policy-making body of the National Rural Health Association. Elected representatives from each of the association's constituency groups, State Association Council, State Office Council, issue groups and officers serve on the Congress. This gives broad grassroots representation that reflects the concerns of NRHA's membership. The Rural Health Congress determines the association's positions on public policy through a series of policy briefs and issue papers.

Please contact Mason Zeagler at NRHA's government affairs office at 202-639-0550, ext. 2073 with any questions. 

Rural Health Congress roster



Rural Health Congress Chair:
John A. Gale
Portland, Maine
Tim P. Wolters
Bolivar, Mo.
Michelle Mills
Aurora, Colo.

Timothy L. Putnam, D.H.A.
Batesville, Ind.

Pat Schou
Princeton, Ill.

Past President:
Tommy L. Barnhart
Silverthorne, Colo.

Clinical Services CG Chair:       Roger D. Wells
Saint Paul, Neb.

Federally Qualified Health Centers CG Chair:
Toniann Richard
Lexington, Mo.

Frontier CG Chair:
R. Scott Daniels, Ph.D.
Hilo, Hawaii
Health Equity Council Chair:
Susan Kunz
Nogales, Ariz.
David Line PhD
Spokane, Wash.

Hospital and Community Health Systems CG 

Leslie Marsh
Lexington, Neb.

Tommy Bartlett
Union, Miss.
Brian F. Bertsch
Sioux Falls, S.D.
Monica Bourgeau
Portland, Ore.
Mellie B. Bridewell
Lake Village, Ark.
Margaret Brockman
Lincoln, Neb.
Heather Davis
Union, Miss.
John H. Everett
Snyder, Texas
Sharon Finarelli
Truth or Consequences, N.M.
Brian Haapala
Fort Collins, Colo.
Sarah H. Huling
Tampa, Fla.
David Keith
McAlester, Okla.
Nikki King
Batesville, Ind.
Jeremy Levin
Sauk City, Wis.
Steve Parde
Kansas City, Mo.
Michelle Sharp
Little Rock, Ark
Tanya Sharp
St. Albion, Neb.

Rachael Sherard
Sioux Falls, S.D.


Deborah Whitley
Waco, Texas
Lou Ann Wilroy
Centennial, Colo.

Margaret Woeppel
Lincoln, Neb.


Past Presidents Council:
Raymond G. Christensen, M.D.
Duluth, Minn.
Public Health Status CG Chair:
Alana Knudson, Ph.D.
Bethesda, Md.
Sandra Durick
Pierre, S.D.
Lisa Kilawee
Amherst, Wis.
Jodi Schmidt
Westwood, Kan.

Research and Education CG Chair: Rural Health Clinics CG Chair:
Kevin J. Bennett, Ph.D.
Columbia, S.C.
Joanie M. Perkins
Ruleville, Miss.
Kori Novak PhD
Grafton, N.D.
Kate Hill
Spring House, Pa.
George Pink, Ph.D.
Chapel Hill, N.C.
Michael A. Murray
Clinton, Mo.
Kristin Schuller, Ph.D.
Athens, Ohio

State Association Council Chair:
John L. Roberts
Lincoln, Neb.
State Office Council Chair:
Lynette Dickson
Grand Forks, N.D

Statewide Health Resources CG Chair:
Sally T. Buck
Duluth, Minn.
Student CG Chair:

Jesse C. Rockmore

Cummings, Ga.



Brad Gibbens
Grand Forks, N.D.


Therese Santana
La Junta, Colo.


Kristine Sande
Grand Forks, N.D.