Rebuild Rural: The Importance of Health Care in Infrastructure

Last week, we received further details on President Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan. We were happy to see that rural infrastructure investments are a key component of this Administration’s commitment to growing our national economy. It is essential that we build rural priorities into this massive investment in our nation’s future, and it is even more important that we recognize the special role that health care plays in our country’s infrastructure.  

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Recent Updates Show Potentially Damaging Reforms to Medicaid and Medicare in President’s Budget

We have serious concerns regarding proposed cuts to Medicaid and Medicare in order to reduce government spending in President Trump’s 2019 Budget. The proposed plan, as sent to Congress, includes hundreds of billions of dollars in savings through Medicaid and Medicare reforms, in addition to cuts to various discretionary programs.  

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Congress Finally Acts on Rural Commitments, But What’s Next?

Since Congress irresponsibly let critical rural provisions expire at the end of September, the National Rural Health Association (NRHA) has continuously requested that Members renew their commitment to rural Americans and reauthorize funding for Medicare Extenders and Community Health Centers. Last Friday, after a brief government shutdown, Congress finally acted on their promises to support rural providers and facilities. 

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