Access to Critical Care: HIV/AIDS in Rural America

As Congress works with the Administration to develop strategies to prevent future cases of HIV/AIDS, they must acknowledge the challenges and needs of rural Americans living with the condition and struggling to access necessary care. ​

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Reviving the heart of a rural community

  • Author: MEDHOST

When a rural Alabama hospital faced closure, it took more than added capital to save the day. In a show of resilience that would have made The Free State of Winston proud, and with support from their community and health care partners, Lakeland Community Hospital was able to keep its doors open. Lakeland’s struggle offers a textbook example of what it takes to save rural health care in America.

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Recognizing and repairing rural health disparities

At the beginning of the month, NRHA held its annual Rural Health Policy Institute in Washington, D.C. The three-day event brought together hundreds of rural health advocates from across the country to ensure our elected leaders are keeping rural voters’ health needs top of mind now that the midterms have passed. A personal highlight for me was participating in the Rural Health Disparities Summit.

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Rural Hospital Closures Rise to Ninety-Eight

Last week, two rural hospitals closed, bringing the number of rural hospital closures up to 98 since 2010.

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