NRHA announces leadership elections results

Leadership for the National Rural Health Association is secure for 2021 and beyond, thanks to recent Board of Trustees and Rural Health Congress elections. The Rural Health Congress is NRHA’s policy-making body. Elected representatives from the association's constituency groups, State Association Council, State Office Council, issue groups, and officers serve on the Congress, giving broad grassroots representation that reflects the expertise and passion of NRHA's membership.

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Diagnosing and managing mild TBI in rural kids

A family hike takes a scary turn when a two-year-old trips and strikes his head on a rock. When he arrives at the closest medical clinic, he is acting disoriented and lethargic. Neuroimaging services are an hour drive away. His parents are pushing for a head CT. Should the attending health care provider conduct in-office observation and see if his symptoms improve or call for emergency transport? Decisions like these are all too common for rural providers caring for a patient with a traumatic...

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