Help prevent $16 billion in proposed cuts to rural hospitals and frontier America

You can help NRHA protect rural patients and providers. House Republican leadership, as part of debt ceiling negotiations, has proposed $16 billion in cuts to rural hospitals and frontier areas. The plan includes: • $14 billion over 10 years to “reform rural hospital programs” and • $2 billion over 10 years to “repeal Frontier State Adjustments”. Rural hospitals are critical access points for 62 million rural patients across the nation. Such devastating cuts could result in more than $1 million in cuts to a rural hospital each year. Reducing rates for rural providers will force many facilities to offer reduced services or even to close their doors, further limiting access to care for rural Americans. A closed rural hospital could result in a 20 percent loss of revenue in the local economy. Please call your senator and member of Congress now and tell them: • Don’t support a debt ceiling proposal that contains devastating cuts to rural health care. • $16 billion in Medicare cuts to rural providers will decimate the delivery of health care to the 62 million who live in rural America. • Rural hospitals are critical to the patients they serve and to the rural economy. Don’t let debt ceiling reductions harm rural seniors and providers. Thank you.