NRHA releases 2019 policy papers

The policy papers and statements adopted by NRHA’s Rural Health Congress are the background and support for NRHA's Legislative and Regulatory Agenda, which reflects the mission and values of NRHA by highlighting issues of importance to our membership.

NRHA members and our Rural Health Fellows set the policies and positions that NRHA advocates for at a national level and all members of the association are encouraged to participate in the development of policy by submitting potential policy positions for consideration.

Positions are then reviewed and approved by the Rural Health Congress, which is made up of a broad representation of our members.

NRHA recently released 2019 policy documents on the following topics:

  • Emergency Preparedness for Rural Communities
  • Medicaid Work Requirments
  • Rural Palliative Care
  • Rural Veterans and their families
  • Telehealth in Rural America
  • Utilization of the 340B Drug Pricing Program in Rural Practices

NRHA encourages you to contact our Government Affairs team with any questions on NRHA's rural health policy development.