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NRHA COVID-19 response and event updates

NRHA takes seriously the impact COVID-19 could have on our members and rural communities nationwide. We are closely monitoring new developments regarding the coronavirus and will always place first the safety and well-being of our members, event attendees, and all rural Americans. NRHA staff are equipped to provide continuity of service throughout this period. We will continue to provide education, advocacy, and communications to ensure your rural community has the knowledge and resources to...

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Addressing community wellness with physical therapy

To ensure that we are addressing population health issues, innovative interventions that reach across disciplines is crucial. Utilizing physical therapy as a vehicle for safely transitioning individuals with multiple chronic conditions to a long-term wellness plan establishes a culture of health within the community and can reduce the financial burden on both the patient and the hospital.

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Continuum of Care: Why rural health care may benefit the most from a new model

The evolution of how patients spend their final days of life has gone from quality care that enhances life to extending days without quality of life. The Care Continuum model focuses on quality of life by bridging medical advances with common medical sense. The Care Continuum is an answer to the over-use of medical technology, ensuring it is used only when appropriate, helping patients and their family members gain control over their medical journey.

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