NRHA Membership Categories

NRHA is unique because it brings together individual health practitioners, rural health clinic personnel, hospital staff, rural medical educators, state and federal agencies and other rural health professionals dedicated to improving health care in rural America.

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Organizational Membership

Organizational membership is designed to support hospitals, rural and community health centers, health systems and state and federal agencies.

Rural Health Clinics/Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC)

Rural health clinic membership is designed to support the health care professionals and office staff of rural health clinics and FQHCs.

Individual Membership

Individual membership is structured for rural health professionals and academia. Open to non-industry representatives only.

Student Membership

This category of membership is designed for full-time students enrolled in at least 12 concurrent credit hours per semester (or 9 hours for graduate students) of a health-related training program at any level. Individuals with full-time employment are not eligible for student membership.

Supporting Membership

Supporting membership is available to corporations, agencies, professional societies, state rural health associations and other organizations that want to support a higher degree of association activity.

Industry Organizational Membership

Industry organizational membership is designed for organizations that market to or service NRHA members.