NRHA Community Health Initiative

The Community Health Initiative, is a new partnership between the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy and the National Rural Health Association (NRHA). This initiative is designed to move health care outside the four walls of a hospital, while preserving funding for the innovative redesign of the health care system and sustainability for these community hospital anchors.
In particular, this effort will highlight success under the Outreach, Network and Community planning grants. For more information on these grants and other programs, please consider visiting the Health Resources & Services Administration's (HRSA) "Rural Community Programs" website.
Digital graphic with title "The Community Health Initiative"

Impact of the Initiative

Evidence shows flexible programs such as these are leading to improved chronic disease management, reduced health risks, and enhanced access to health care for rural Americans.

In full support of these efforts, NRHA will facilitate listening sessions, policy efforts, information dissemination of best practices, and various other convenings. Through the gathering of information in various convenings and as a result of these important programs, NRHA will be equipped to highlight the improvements made to the lives of rural Americans.

Policy and Regulatory Implications

Rural communities are bastions of innovation and with a small initial investment from the Federal Government, resources can be available at the community level for a sustained period of time. 

Communication with rural leaders, who know their communities the best, will further efforts towards reducing regulatory burden for rural providers. This forum has potential to foster collaboration and innovation to address glaring issues in rural health.


Additional Resources and Information

Please consider visiting these organizations for more information and resources:

National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH)   
NORC's Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis  

For more information, contact Nigel Stinson at 202-639-0550